"Futures" Services

Your decisions have long term consequences, how will they play out?

I can help you be better prepared 

Focusing on "Futures" services:


Delivering "future-themed" presentations tailored to relevant issues.

Often times groups need to hear from a specialist about coming changes in order to kick-start their considerations of, and preparations for, long term decisions.

What it is: Engaging, factual content based on my “Industries of the Future” PhD research

Who it's for: Teams, business groups and/or decision makers.

The outcome: You will hear and see first hand the trends and issues that will be affecting you. 



Future-focused analysis of relevant long term industry trends.

Futures-oriented inputs to the strategy development and planning process improves the depth and integrity of decision making. Especially in the context of so much change.

What it is: Futures-focused analysis on industry sectors using standardised strategic foresight methods.

Who's it for: Stakeholders who need futures-focused inputs for strategy development and planning activities.

The outcome: You will gain valuable insights into the long term trends affecting your issue of concern.


Facilitating the discovery of “over the horizon” risks and opportunities.

A team that shares a common understanding of the challenges that the future holds is better equipped to make quality decisions.

What it is: Workshop using proven futures-focused processes.

Who's it for: Teams and groups that need to develop a shared understanding of the challenges of the future.

The outcome: Fresh insights into the risks and opportunities that are "over the horizon".

Consider time.

The first horizon is how things are right now.

The third horizon is how things will be in the future.

The second horizon is the change between now and the future.

Now, consider the changes you have witnessed.

Take retail shopping for example. In the early 2000's it was all about the shopping mall and bricks and mortar outlets. This is the first horizon.

Today, in the time of the second horizon (that messy middle time-frame) we are seeing the rise of internet shopping.

And tomorrow, the third horizon, what will retail shopping look like? The collapse of chain stores, the rise of niche shops, drone delivery of goods?

Consider your organisation's response.

Do you ignore these changes and carry on as you always have?

Do you look for the seeds of change around you now and prepare the future that they will grow into?

Are your considering what the future will be like as you make those long-term decisions?

My "Futures" consultancy services will help you look for these seeds and how you should respond.

For example: "Three Horizons Thinking"

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