This page provides you with some of the theoretical underpinnings of the services I provide.

By understanding the twin themes of futures and information technology at a deeper level, better outcomes are afforded.

So, proceed below for an overview of:

  1. My PhD Research

  2. Strategic Foresight

  3. Information Technology Strategy development

Going Deeper

My PhD research is focused on the "Industries of the Future"

More formally, I am answering the following question:

"How does a place-based economic development strategy support long-term peri-urban prosperity in the knowledge economy?"

There are a number of factors that I am including in this research.

These include:

  • Strategic Foresight methods

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • The Triple-helix (government-business-academia)

  • Computerisation, automation and employment

  • Multi-factor productivity and emplyment multipliers

  • Network Theory

  • KIBS, Clusters and Knowledge Spillovers

Strategic Foresight provides a clear pathway forward 

You become future ready though the use of Strategic Foresight tools

These tools support better quality strategic thinking, robust inputs to the strategy planning process and deeper understanding of the future

The aim of Strategic Foresight is to help organisations of any size, whether public, private or community, consider the possibilities of alternate futures.  

These tools can help you:

  • Build scenarios and understand their impact

  • Establish a new vision, or repair an old one

  • Understand the forces that are driving change

  • Prepare for potential risk and opportunities

  • Create a shared understanding of the future

  • To bring clarity to complex situations

  • Bring fresh insights from emerging issues

An effective Information Technology strategy will improve business performance

Professional, independent and vendor neutral strategic IT advice

Through analysing your current state and future needs, Dellium Advisory will develop a strategic roadmap that supports your organisation. The end result is alignment of your IT systems to your organisational business strategy

The outcome of the strategic advice will improve staff productivity, reduce business risk, enhance your competitive strategy. You can be sure that there will be solid justifications for all investment decisions and IT-related changes.

These outcomes are based on considering:

  • Your business processes

  • The data, applications and technology in use

  • The governance and security arrangements in place

  • How your ICT systems are monitored and measured

  • The sourcing arrangements you have in place

  • The ICT services you provide to the business

  • Approaches to staff learning and development

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