From YouTube videos to blog posts and books, I have provided thought leadership in a number of different ways


Whilst we can see the read and see about the latest trends and technologies, how should we think about the future that these highlight.

This blog is focused on strategic thinking. Its about seeing the future through the lens of strategic foresight. 

Its aim is to help prepare the reader frame their thinking about the future.


The essence of information technology is the technology used to effectively manage and use information.

This blog is the result of more than 20 years in the IT industry across a  number of different sectors and from a number of different vantage points.

Its am is to help the reader consider afresh the challenges of providing effective and efficient ICT systems.


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YouTube Channel: "Strategic Thinking"

Regarding our vision, our hopes for long term success. Sometimes that path becomes uncertain.


We look for that pathway to the future, and we can't quite seem to find it. 


So, let me ask you a question. 'With all of the change that is happening around you, your organisation, or the community you support, can you improve how you go about building that pathway to the future?

The resources available on my YouTube Channel can help you build a successful pathway to the future.


"Jobs. Future. You."

"Jobs. Future. You." is a career choices workbook.

With the pace of change increasing it is hard to know what the jobs of the future will be. This workbook will show you what opportunities you should be considering.

So, whether you are a thinking about changing careers, or looking to start in the workforce for the first time, the guidance contained within these pages will help you achieve long term success.

It is available in both Paperback and Kindle e-Book formats.

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