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"IT" Services

Your decisions about IT Systems will affect the effectiveness and efficiency of your organisation.

I can help you achieve long term success

CIO as a Service, Dellium Advisory
Focusing on "IT" services:

IT Strategy

Developing the strategic objectives and project plan to align your IT investment with your business.

Often times key stakeholders need an independent third party to provide specialist IT strategic advice. Using standard IT Frameworks together with Strategic Foresight (Futures) models, future-proof outcomes are assured.

What it is: A strategic roadmap based on an analysis of your current and desired future state of your IT Systems.

Who it's for: Decision makers who need expert third party advice. For those who need a "CIO-as-a-service" product.

The outcome: Solid justifications for investment decisions and other changes to your ICT systems. 


IT Audit

Reviewing the installed IT to determine the course of action your should take.

Understanding the complexity and problems hidden within the IT of a business is a common challenge for either new owners or new IT managers and CIO's. 

What it is: An analysis of the "state of play" of the IT systems recently placed under your control.

Who's it for: Stakeholders in a business who need impartial IT advice.

The outcome: Solid justifications for the IT related decisions you may need to make.

IT Investment Impact Model, Paul Tero

Are your IT Systems improving your business?

Maturity of your business

From a business process perspective, are all the systems you have in place bedded down and repeatable?

Alignment of IT and Business Strategy

Can you say that your IT Strategy supports your Business Strategy?

Homogeneity of IT Systems

Improvements in the performance of the business are made by reducing the different types of systems, applications and technology.


When organisations reach out for advice regarding investments in IT systems, more often than not those that they seek counsel from are invariably a reseller of hardware or software systems. Thus, the advice they receive is not independent. It is in this market niche of independent IT advice that Dellium Advisory operates. 

Effective IT Strategy from Dellium Advisory
For example: "IT Investment Model"

Professional, independent and vendor neutral strategic IT advice

Through analysing your current state and future needs, Dellium Advisory will develop a strategic roadmap that supports your organisation. The end result is alignment of your IT systems to your organisational business strategy

The outcome of the strategic advice will improve staff productivity, reduce business risk, enhance your competitive strategy. You can be sure that there will be solid justifications for all investment decisions and IT-related changes.

These outcomes are based on considering:

  • Your business processes

  • The data, applications and technology in use

  • The governance and security arrangements in place

  • How your ICT systems are monitored and measured

  • The sourcing arrangements you have in place

  • The ICT services you provide to the business

  • Approaches to staff learning and development

An effective Information Technology strategy will improve business performance
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