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Services for Economic 

Development Teams

Your community or locale is complex with many factors influencing long term outcomes.

I can help you, your team, your community or your locale be better prepared for what lies over the horizon.

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Specific "Futures" services for your economic development team:

Choose "building knowledge economy communities" if you need to improve long term prosperity

Choose "locale future reports" if you need to be presented with potential long term risks and opportunities


Choose "scenario planning workshops" if you need to develop plans for a range of future possibilities

Choose "future-focused Delphi survey" if you need to understand your community's view of the future

Choose "strategic thinking workshops" if you need improve the depth and quality of your strategic planning inputs

Choose "topical futures public speaking" if you need to kick start conversations about the future

Futures services for economic development teams

Building knowledge economy communities

The standard knowledge economy model consists of the production (research), distribution (training), and application (innovation) of knowledge. A community's long-term prosperity is built as each of these factors is supported.

What it is: A tailored program of guidance, reports and events to support the knowledge economy components  

Who's it for: Community and locale leaders and stakeholders.

The outcome: A vibrant knowledge economy that drives community and local prosperity over the long term

Building knowledge economy communities

Locale future reports

Futures-oriented inputs to the strategy development and planning process improves the depth and integrity of decision making. These reports are a future-focused analysis of relevant long term global trends.

What it is: Futures-focused analysis of locale-relevant factors using standardised strategic foresight methods.

Who's it for: Stakeholders who need futures-focused inputs for strategy development and planning activities.

The outcome: You will gain valuable insights into the long term trends affecting your locale

Locale future reports
Scenario planning workshops

Scenario planning workshops

One of the major problems faced by economic development teams is that the future is unknowable. These uncertain risks and opportunities can be understood by constructing a set of logically consistent short stories about alternate futures.

What it is: A structured method to develop a series of short narratives about a range of possible futures 

Who's it for: Stakeholders in economic development activities that need to create a shared understanding of the future

The outcome: Higher quality inputs into the economic development strategy process

Strategic thinking workshops

Strategic thinking workshops

Leaders, managers, stakeholders among others get caught up in working in-the-business instead of on-the-business. One critical skill is the ability to think strategically about what lies ahead. 

What it is: A structured method to develop strategic thinking skills. 

Who's it for: Leaders, managers and senior organisational stakeholders 

The outcome: Development of skills to consider options beyond business-as-usual

Future-focused Delphi survey

The Delphi survey method is like a short-term committee, but where all participants remain anonymous and have an equal voice. The common themes that emerge from the process are used to improve the relevance and quality of the subsequent strategic planning process.  

What it is: A three-round qualitative analysis process to gather a range of ideas in a confidential manner

Who it's for: Teams that deliver services to their community

The outcome: Improved understanding of the future that any strategic plan is aiming for

Delphi Survey
Topical futures public speaking

Topical futures public speaking

Often times groups need to hear from a specialist about coming changes in order to kick-start their considerations of, and preparations for, long term decisions.  These "future-themed" presentations are tailored to relevant issues.

What it is: Engaging, factual content based on my “Industries of the Future” PhD research

Who it's for: Teams, business groups and/or decision makers

The outcome: You will gain an understanding of the trends and issues that will be affecting you

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