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A range of content, including videos, blog posts and books that support client outcomes.

These resources can be used to develop an understanding of the benefits of working in the "futures" space. 

Categories of "Futures" resources:

Thought Leadership

Examining the concepts and practical applications of futures studies


Video-content for futures training and strategy development tools 

Social Media

Content and conversations that are focused on "the future"


Published works that are available in digital form

Understanding the future of work busines

Thought Leadership

Text-based content that examining the concepts of futures studies as well as demonstrating forward looking practical applications.


Blog: The Dellium Advisory blog explores topics such as the Knowledge Economy, the Smart City, the Digital Economy and various matters related to my PhD, to futures studies and local economic development.

PhD: My "Industries of the Future" PhD is more formally discussed on the Forward View blog. The question at the heart of the PhD is "How does a place-based economic development strategy support long-term peri-urban prosperity in the knowledge economy?"

The Future of... : Change is occurring in many sectors of life and society. This specific content is related to the future of work, the future of business, and the future of the local economy

Theory and Glossary: Elsewhere on this site I present a glossary of terms used in both my PhD and in futures studies. I also outline the various theories that support both. 

Thought Leadership


Online video content that is educational. There are both free and paid content from this set of professional development resources.

Training: These two paid short courses is designed to help you to prepare for the future in innovative ways. They are aimed at helping you, your team or your organisation mitigate risks and explore and opportunities.

Strategy Development: This set of three videos explains how you can improve the standard SWOT process.  

Frameworks, Models and Concepts: A series of short explainers of the various frameworks, models and concepts that are used by organisations 

Change drivers: One factor that leads to organisational and individual success is an awareness of what is driving change. These videos discuss the global megatrends that are shaping politics, the economy, society, and technology.


Social Media

The places where I can be found online and where my content also appears

LinkedIn for comment, interaction and the posting of futures-related content

Twitter for comment and interaction


YouTube for strategic thinking videos and more.

The Forward View WordPress site for specific PhD related content  

Social Media


Published works that are available through Amazon.

Capital Transformed explores capitalism from various perspectives: finance, social entrepreneurs, democracy and ownership. The basic premise is that instead of Capitalism ending (the Post-Capitalist argument), it could be radically transformed. If so, what could it be transformed into, and how much of that transformation is evident today?

Jobs. Future. You. is a career choices workbook. Whether you are a thinking about changing careers, or looking to start in the workforce for the first time, the guidance contained within these pages will help you achieve long term success.

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