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Social Media

The places where I can be found online and where my content also appears

Image by Rodion Kutsaev
Online locations for Dellium Advisory content

"LinkedIn" for comment, interaction and the posting of futures-related content

"Twitter" for comment and interaction


"YouTube" for strategic thinking videos and more.

The "Forward View" WordPress site for specific PhD related content  


Paul Tero on LinkedIn

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Futurist, International Educator, Speaker and PhD Candidate (researching the "industries of the future")

@terop: Futurist, Educator and PhD Candidate ("Industries of the Future").


Post, likes and retweets aimed at preparing people for the risks and opportunities that lie over the horizon


YouTube Channel: "Strategic Thinking"

Regarding our vision, our hopes for long term success. Sometimes that path becomes uncertain.


We look for that pathway to the future, and we can't quite seem to find it. 


So, let me ask you a question. 'With all of the change that is happening around you, your organisation, or the community you support, can you improve how you go about building that pathway to the future?

The resources available on my YouTube Channel can help you build a successful pathway to the future.


The "Forward View" Blog

Whilst we can see the read and see about the latest trends and technologies, how should we think about the future that these highlight.

This blog is focused on strategic thinking. Its about seeing the future through the lens of strategic foresight. 

Its aim is to help prepare the reader frame their thinking about the future.

The Forward View
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