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Change Drivers

Visionary leadership, maintaining innovation momentum, preparing for what lies ahead, sustaining competitive advantage. Each of these have a common thread – the need to understand the drivers of change. The need to be aware of global megatrends that are shaping politics, the economy, society, and technology.

This series of videos explores these megatrends

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The change driver of "Demography" has to do with shifts in the age profiles of nations

The change driver of "Digitisation" has to do with our move to the world of bits and away from the world of atoms

The change driver of the "Environment" has to do with large scale variations in the natural environment

The change driver of "Individualism and Pluralism" has to do with developments in societal values and opportunities

The change driver of "Technological Convergence" has to do with the melding of fields of science.


Demography is destiny, and across the world the proportion of people over 60 is growing.

In this video I discuss how demographic trends are driving change.



We increasingly encounter digital services to help us with our lives, in business and in and with government.

In this video I discuss how increasing digitisation is driving change.



We are witnessing shifts in weather patterns, the addition of climate-related fiduciary duties to companies and attitudes toward energy across the globe.

In this video I discuss how trends in the natural environment driving change.


Individualism and Pluralism

Social mobility and the broadening of world views in many communities is a phenomena of modern life.

In this video I discuss how trends in what people can do and what people believe in are factors that are driving change.

Individualism & Pluralism

Technological Convergence

It is not just the advances in information technology that we are witnessing, but also the convergence of different fields of science.

In this video I discuss how the trend of technological convergence is driving change.

Technological Convergence
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